Press Release: iDTRONIC's C4 Tablet L - Performance in Greater Dimension: Mobile Data Collection made easy with optional RFID & Barcode Reader 

The new C4 Tablet L from iDTRONIC is the successor to our C4 Tablet. The new tablet is a mobile data collection device for various applications within the building site management, the aviation management and the industry.

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Case Study: Innovative Train Tracking with the RFID Portal from Trackware 

Our customer Trackware developed an innovative solution for rail trackside RFID tags reading on freight wagons for his client ProRail in the Netherlands. Trackware designed a RFID portal by using iDTRONIC’s UHF Embedded Module M950.

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Press Release: iDTRONIC‘s EVO Desktop Reader HF 2.0 - Modern Technology meets timeless Design: One Device perfectly equipped for IoT and Industry 4.0 Applications with HID & VCP 

The new EVO Desktop Reader HF 2.0 from iDTRONIC is the successor to our compact EVO Desktop Reader HF.
This new RFID reader is a versatile read and write device for use within Industry and IT environments.

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Press Release: iDTRONIC's UHF PRODUCTS - Tailored to your individual needs for use in Industry 4.0 and IoT applications 

Discover an exclusive excerpt from our UHF product range in our latest press release. Inform yourself now about the manifold application possibilities and advantages of our UHF products.

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Case Study: Compta’s “BEE2WASTE“ Waste Management System 

Our customer Compta has equipped its refuse trucks with the iDTRONIC BLUEBOX and its waste containers with iDTRONIC Tags as part of his waste management system "BEE2WASTE".

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