NEW! Demo Software Introductions 

Explore our first Demo Software Introduction to our Desktop Reader HF 2.0 on our YouTube Channel:


Case Study: Effective RFID Solution to save Fuel on the High Seas 

Our partner Elincom has used our RFID devices within a project of NOVATUG within maritime shipping - on specially developed harbour tugs. Elincom used our BLUEBOX CX LR 1CH and our MR Antenna for this purpose.

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Press Release: iDTRONIC‘s RFID Polyester Laundry Tag - Reliably Identify Textiles with our Robust Polyester Tag 

The UHF Polyester Laundry Tag has been developed specifically for professional cleaning of linen and textiles.

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Press Release: iDTRONIC’s HF Mid-Range Module M500 - Versatile: Compact integrated module with SMA antenna 

The HF Mid-Range M500 is a new integrated module and extends our proven embedded module series.

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Press Release: iDTRONIC‘s Handheld Computer: C4 Red - World Innovation: First mobile Android 7.0 Reader with LEGIC Functionality 

Our reliable Android 7.0 handheld reader, C4 Red, is now available with a LEGIC function. The C4 Red reader is
the first Android 7.0 reader with LEGIC functionality. We are proud to be the first supplier worldwide.

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