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New demo software for DESFire Reader 16.10.2017 14:50

New demo software for DESFire Reader—Simpler, clearer, and with increased functionality.

New demo software is now available for the DESFire RFID Reader.It offers a clearer interface as well as various new functions. The software is compatible with all 13.56 MHz (MIFARE®) devices and is available for immediate download.

The new demo software for the DESFire Reader includes new functions as well as a more intuitive user interface. Thanks to the structure of the user-interface, which is organized by card types, the status of the work is always clear. Furthermore, different settings or functions may be easily edited in their respective indices.

The new demo software allows the direct editing of applications or files. Furthermore, it is possible to read and display the memory. Existing files may be edited and missing files can be easily added.

For in-house development, a detailed protocol reports every command; and, additionally, shows the direct effect of each alteration. Therefore, errors are detected immediately.

The demo software is now available for download in the SDK of the iDTRONIC reading devices.