With a RFID handheld computer, workers can access information, apps and people in real time. This leads to higher productivity, efficiency. The used embedded RFID modules have specifically been designed for the integration into handheld computers and rugged PDAs. A choice of multiple operating systems, interfaces and platforms ensures a trouble-free implementation of your mobile-computing strategy, helping you improve productivity and efficiency in the field.

No matter whether they are used in industry, logistics, retail or access control, our rugged RFID mobile computers deliver high performance, long reading distances and long battery life combined with the highest precision and ergonomics. Their modular construction allows the selection of different RFID readers, application-specific features and equipment according to your requirements.

Alongside integrated 1D / 2D barcode scanners many devices can be equipped with high-resolution cameras and extended wireless technology such as GPS. A large selection of accessories rounds off our complete portfolio of intuitive full-featured RFID handheld computers with all-in-one capabilities.


► Application Areas

Industrielle-Automation   Industrial Automation
Teileverfolgung   Asset Tracking
Materialtransport   Container Tracking
Zufahrtskontrolle   AVI
Lagerwirtschaft   Warehousing
SCM   Logistics
Wäschereien   Laundry
Abfallwirtschaft   Waste Management
Zutrittskontrolle   Public Transport
SCM   Supply Chain