Advant MR 1CH

UHF Reader / Writer with 1-Channel Port


- ISO 18000-6C, EPC Class 1 Gen 2


- +30 dBm, software programmable


- RS232/RS485, Ethernet, PROFIBUS


- External antenna


- IP67 Protection Class

RFID   UHF: 865 – 867 MHz (ETSI) / 902 – 928 MHz (FCC)
iso6c.png   Supports ISO 18000-6C, EPC Class 1 Gen 2
Antenna   1 external antenna
usb    USB Service interface
Interfaces-Ports   Multiple interface options
IO   Integrated I/O ports
IP-class   IP67 Protection Class
Blank   Up to +30 dBm

BLUEBOX UHF Advant MR 1 CH is a read/write device with 1 antenna port. This powerful device can achieve a reading distance of up to 6 meters with SW adjustable RF power of up to +27 dBm.

The Advant MR 1CH reader allows for Near Field, Short- and Mid-Range applications. The combination of a modern RF module and an up to date controller engine enables both fast data processing and high reading rates in one device. The powerful BLUEBOX SDK allows the fast development of extensive applications.

The reader/writer can be set up for both the European (ETSI) and the North American (FCC) market.




Advant MR 1CH