Press Release: iDTRONIC‘s Tape & Reel - Product Innovation for demanding SMD Applications



iDTRONIC, the leading manufacturer of embedded RFID products in Germany, now delivers the RFID Embedded Module M900 on a Tape & Reel roll. This SMD solution was developed to simplify large-volume production of electronics with RFID components. It is ideally suited for industry 4.0 applications in highly automated production environments.





The compact iDTRONIC RFID Embedded HF Module Series M900, with integrated HF frequency 13.56 MHz, supports the ISO standards 14443A/B, 15693, 18092 and 18000-3. The RFID module is available in three different configurations: DESFire, HF and MIFARE. The small size and the single-sided components allow space-saving embedding into many different applications and devices within SMD production. This powerful RFID embedded module consumes less than 1 mA in low power mode. Special soldering pads are attached to the underside of the RFID module during assembly.



SMD components are suitable for robotic SMT assembly systems (Surface Mount Technology). They are used for the precise assembly of integrated circuits on printed circuit boards; which, in turn, are used in computers, industrial medical, automotive, military and telecommunications equipment.


An assembly head typically sucks an RFID module out of the tape & reel by vacuum, checks the position by means of a camera system, calculates the angle and the position and places the RFID module on the PCB. The RFID module is then soldered to the printed circuit board.


The Tape & Reel with the integrated RFID Embedded HF Module Series M900, developed by iDTRONIC, is ideally suited for the production of demanding IoT or Industry 4.0 applications. The RFID module may be integrated on flexible surfaces, as well as on smooth ones, due to its one-sided installation components.

The use of iDTRONIC's Tape & Reel enables a faster device production and automatic assembly and minimizes throughput times.
The supplied firmware allows easy integration into your existing systems.


Do you need your own firmware for your application?

iDTRONIC offers customized firmware adaptations on request.


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► Product Site: RFID Embedded Module Series M900

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