The contactless RFID desktop reader and writer are available in various designs and versions. Our handy USB stick readers transform any laptop into a mobile RFID reading station. Desktop readers can easily be placed on a counter and require minimal space for installation. Wall readers and fully integrated RFID terminals with touchscreen and graphical user interface are real eye-catchers at the point of sale.

Depending on the specifications of the RFID devices transponders and smart cards can not only be read, but also be written and encoded to. Human interface devices (HID) and keyboard emulation (KEMU) are optionally available to offer further data output. They are therefore predestined for use in various applications and as part of a system.

Reading of ID and member cards, attendance tracking, access control, cashless payment, PC user authentication and near field communication (NFC) are just some of the application examples. Our RFID card readers are used in retail, administration, security as well as wellness and recreational facilities. For industrial and outdoor use we recommend our industrial RFID readers and writers line of products called BLUEBOX, which have been especially developed for tough environments.

As a special service we provide user-friendly software development kits and demo software for most of our RFID readers, writers and terminals. These enable to regulate power output for example or help to develop customer-specific applications tailored to your requirements.


► Application Areas

Ausweis   Reading of ID and Member Cards
Zutrittskontrolle   Access Control
NFC   NFC & Payment Options
PC   PC Log On
Handel   Retail
Zeitmessung   Time Logging Systems