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Today’s highly automated environments like Automobile Industry require reliable tracking of all kind of products and people throughout various applications. Therefore RFID technology not only increases the efficiency to collect data, it becomes the key for running entire solutions.


What is RFID?

= Technology for the contactless identification of products or persons with a so-called RFID tag or RFID transponder (= contain stored data on a chip and transmit these via radio waves to a reader). RFID technology enables bidirectional data transmission in real time.
A reader (such as our C4 Red Handheld) reads the data on the RFID tag or transponder and checks the validity of the transmitted data - with a high reading rate of 99%. The data can be read from or stored on the tag without contact or visual contact. The RFID tags can be rewritten as often as required - with a capacity of 96 KB.




Overview about our applicable Tags & Transponder:


Advantages of our iDTRONIC Tags


iDTRONIC Tags Application Areas

Together with our technology partners, iDTRONIC provides a value adding product portfolio of industrial transponders for the identification of goods and people in manufacturing, construction, transportation, supply chain, vehicle identification, asset tracking and many more applications:

Application_Industrial-Automation application-logistics Application_Asset-Tracking  Application_Container-Tracking

Anwendung_Supply-Chain Application_AVI  Application_Waste-Management  Application_Laundry 

We are dedicated to helping our customer’s with their requirements and finding the perfect
RFID transponder solution for them with a solid and consistent RF performance.